THE people of Kampung Tersusun Bercham, which borders Bercham and Ipoh Garden East, in Ipoh, are tired of the problems in the area.

Faced with potholes, clogged drains, illegal dumpsites and uncontrolled undergrowth, residents voiced their grouses to Ipoh City Councillor Low Guo Nan during his visit there last Sunday.

Housewife Juander Kaur, 49, said the bushes near her home are a habitat for snakes.

“Snakes have entered my house about five to six times. A cobra bit my dog two years ago.

“The last time it occurred was about two weeks ago. Fortunately, it slithered out on its own,” she said, adding her two children were terrified.

Juander said she hopes the city council will clear away all the bushes in the area, to prevent animals like snakes and other pests, from breeding.

“I hope the city council can also resurface the road here, not just patch holes here and there.

“The road is very uneven and is dangerous especially when it rains,” she said.

Another resident Vincent Lee, 56, said his immediate concern is the lack of proper drainage in the area.

“What we have here are just earthen trenches, which are now clogged with vegetation and could potentially be a mosquito breeding ground.

“Flash floods do occur here whenever it rains heavily,” he said.

“I hope the city council can put a proper drainage system in place,” he added.

The former satellite engineer also said the city council should also look into the issues of abandoned houses in the area.

“Some have become dens for drug users. We hope the authorities will look into this issue,” he said.

“We, the residents, really want all these basic issues addressed,” he added.

Former contractor Lee Ghiam Seng, 81, said he hopes the city council can build speedbreakers or bumps along Lebuh Bercham Selatan.

“Cars always speed along the road. It is dangerous for the residents here, especially those who ride motorcycles,” he said.

Lee also called for some trees in the area to be felled.

“The branches keeps falling from one rose apple tree here.

“It is a hazard to people and vehicles passing through the area,” he said.

Ipoh City Councillor Low Guo Nan said he has received some 40 complaints from the residents during his visit to Kampung Tersusun Bercham.

“Aside from the concerns mentioned by the residents, other issues include abandoned cars and undergrowth on private land,” he said.

“I’ll bring up the issues from the residents to the city council for further deliberation,” he said.

“On the request to build a proper drainage system, the city council has already included this in its plan as one of the many projects to be conducted this year,” he added.

Also present during Low’s visit to the area were city council workers, to clean up the area.

Some five truckloads of garbage were collected in the area.

-The Star ONLINE